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V.A Delincuentes - Jovenes Punks de América Latina (Lp, Martian Records, 2001)

Delincuentes passeia pelas garagens da Colômbia (Los Yetis, Los Ampex, Los Speakers,), México (Los Hitters, Los Ovnis, Los Yaki) Peru (Los Saicos, Los Shains, Los York’s), Brasil (Beat Boys), Uruguai (Los Bulldogs) e Chile (Los Beat 4). Uma amostra da delinquencia musical da juventude latina dos anos 60. Punk! Punk! Punk!

Side 1

1. Los Hitters - Delincuente
2. Los Yetis - No Me Digas Adios
3. Los Ovnis - El Ovni
4. Los Yorks - El Loco
5. Los Yetis - Amor Sideral
6. Los Ampex - Donde Estas Nena
7. Los Yaki - Las Estatuas De Marfil
8. The Speakers - Glendora

Side 2
1. Los Yorks - El Sicodelico
2. The Speakers - Lucila
3. Los Ovnis - Ya Se
4. Los Beat 4 - Lo Que Sera
5. Los Saicos - Lonely Star
6. Los Bulldogs - I'm Gonna Find A Cave
7. Los Shain's - Shain's A Go Go
8. The Beat Boys - Wake Me Shake Me

This LP picks up where the MEXICAN ROCK AND ROLL RUMBLE left off... and pretty much blows it out of the water. This collection is far above average, a great set of snarly, gnarly garage rockers from Mexico and throughout South America... Bands such as Los Hitters, Los Beat 4, Los Shains and (my favorite name) Los Ampex tear it up and give all those NUGGETS bands a run for their money. Better still, most of the songs aren't sung in English, and the disc includes a nice set of xeroxed liner notes...what more could we ask for? As far as I know, this is only out in LP format, but who knows what the future will bring? Recommended!(FROM: THE WAYBACK MACHINE - Foreign Compilations)


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